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...on THE LIGHTNING CHILD at Shakespeare's Globe (London)

With Andre 3000’s looks, Hendrix’s swagger and a voice like chocolate fondue...

Oh Dearism

"Tommy Coleman's Dionysus is a husky beauty, with glossy locks, silvery eye shadow, and a touch of Michael Jackson."

Kate Bassett

“Tommy Coleman radiates silky androgynous allure as Dionysus who here appears to be the love-child of James Brown and the artist formerly known as Prince.” 

The Independent

“Tommy Coleman’s smooth-tongued, disconcertingly calm Dionysus at its centre; the shiny-haired, erotically blessed god first appearing on stage like some genetic cross between a 1970s soul legend and a disco ball…Flanked by a lustful posy of girls dressed in purple bras and flowing chiffon, to my mind he’s Prince, with the moves and ability to shimmy in platforms to match.” 

Official London Theatre

“Tommy Coleman…excellent. Coleman’s Dionysus is an embodiment of enlightened liberal attitudes towards sex and morality.” 

Spiked! Online

“Tommy Coleman's husky tones and snake like hips make for an enjoyable Dionysus.”  

What's On Stage

“Tommy Coleman is sultry and soulful as Dionysus.” 

A Younger Theatre

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...on SIX ROUNDS at the Lost Theatre (London)

“Tommy Coleman…a complete joy to watch…Relaxed, confident, and oozing charm…appealingingly complex…truly a highlight.”

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...on MACBETH at Greenwich Playhouse (London)


The Stage

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