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Tommy's voice is the audio of several articles on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.  Check out any of the articles by visiting one of the links below:

The Nuremberg Race Laws
The "Night of Broken Glass"
"First They Came For..."
Hitler Comes to Power

The "Final Solution"
Josef Mengele

Tommy's voice was most recently heard narrating the National Geographic documentary, "Inside Airport Lost and Found" Watch the documentary HERE on their website or catch it on the ABC app, Hulu, Disney Plus or Apple TV.

Inside Airport Lost and Found.jpg

Tommy's voice can be heard on Emily's List Action's newest campaign video promoting powerful and influential women called "Women Have The Receipts."

Tommy's voice can be heard encouraging people to "fuel their pursuit" with protein supplement, Dymatize.

Tommy voiced party promoter character, Danny Humbles, in the Harmonix game FUSER™ - "a nonstop virtual music festival where you control the music!" 


As of December 22, 2022. The game is no longer being sold but click HERE to hear Tommy's voice in a gameplay walkthrough.


You can always catch Tommy in the independent thriller "American Dreamer"  on VOD

CLICK HERE to order on ITunes

American Dreamer.jpg

Tommy plays a father in the Emmy -winning American Evolution educational web-series, Guardians of Jamestown. Catch him in the Introduction and Epilogue

HERE on PBS online.

Bob and Rob.jpeg

Need a laugh? Watch Tommy play Bob in "Bob & Rob:Get a Job" an educational comedy for WHRO. 

Catch the webisodes HERE

Check out Tommy's blog series candidly chronicling his classroom experience during his days as Director of the URBAN THEATER PROGRAM at

Virginia Stage Company.

by clicking the links below.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

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